“Organic feel and natural imperfections became my new way of working with clay”

About Mia

I'm a Finnish ceramicist and jewellery designer from the coastal city of Turku and currently living in the US. I first started with ceramics when I was 17. Back then I was only wheel throwing and wouldn't even consider doing anything else.
Some years and two children later I was living in Dubai and wanted to see if I was still able to throw after a long break, if it was like riding a bike. And it was, but I noticed that I had grown to prefer the aesthetics of hand built objects, their organic nature and imperfections. So this became my new way of working with clay.

Having grown up surrounded by Scandinavian design and later worked in that field it is something that naturally shows in my work. Additional influences probably come from the different parts of the world and various cultures I've lived in over the years.

Work values

Slow design and timelessness - My work acts as a daily reminder to slow down, to aim towards a slower life. You cannot rush the clay, you cannot rush the firing process (without serious consequences). Getting into the hectic chaos is not something we must remind ourselves of, it’s the opposite. Working with very durable materials I also aim to create long lasting designs that are timeless and easy wear even many years later.

Natural simplicity - Clay as an earthy raw material has a particular calmness in it, which I aim to emphasize with my tranquil and light designs. I like to leave at least parts of my work unglazed to reveal the natural smoothness of unglazed porcelain.

Organic uniqueness - We are all truly unique individuals, so should our jewelry be. Some may look similar but no two individuals are exactly the same.


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